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10 digit dialing to begin in Hardin, Meade Counties

Kelly Roberts Kelly Roberts

BRANDENBURG, KY (WAVE) - Beginning February 1, 10 digit dialing will be required for all phone calls made in the 270 area code region.

"We've run out of phone numbers," said Meade County Emergency Management Director Ron Dodson. "Basically, here in the 270 there are no more phone numbers for them to give out."

Dodson has been posting updates on Facebook, encouraging people living in the area to change pre-programmed telephone numbers to include area codes before the 10 digit dialing takes effect.

"After the 10 digit dialing comes into effect on Saturday, what you will receive is a recorded message that your number cannot be completed as dialed," warned Dodson.

"Numbers are running out," confirmed Brandenburg Telephone Company Commercial Manger Kelly Roberts. "The Kentucky Public Service Commission determined that the best solution in order to fix the problem is to create a new area code."

Welcome 364. The new area code will overlay, or share, the 270 region, meaning Meade and Hardin County callers must prepare to dial an extra three numbers on a regular basis.

"This doesn't just affect Brandenburg Telephone Company customers," began Roberts, "it affects service providers and their customers all across the 270 area code which is basically the whole western half of the state."

It's news to some Brandenburg residents, including Marybeth Jolly.

"I had no idea," said Jolly. "People are set in their ways and they're so used to dialing the 270s or not having to dial at all, that it's going to be an adjustment, definitely."

While 10 digit dialing will take some getting used to for some, many can take comfort in knowing help will remain just three digits away.

"211, 411, 511, the 811 before you dig number," began Dodson, "and most importantly, 911, will not be affected."

While 10 digit dialing will begin February 1, Roberts said the new 364 area code will not take effect until March 3.

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