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Money, expensive cars part of scam

LAGRANGE, KY (WAVE) – A police department issued a warning to residents about a scam involving Jamaican area codes, money and expensive cars.

According to the LaGrange Police Department they have received reports of calls being made from Jamaican area codes. The caller tells the resident they have won millions of dollars and a new Mercedes-Benz or other high value vehicle. They then instruct the resident to go to a location in order to receive a fax to authenticate their claims.

Police said the fax the caller sends looks similar to a Publishers Clearing House letter and the scammer says the resident needs to send them hundreds of dollars via Green Dot Moneypak Cards or Western Union. After money is sent the scammers will continue to call the target and claim they need more money because they ran into issues.

Police said in some cases targeted residents changed their phone numbers but it didn't stop the scammers. Officers said the scammers sent pizza the targets home with a note containing a number to call them or even called 911 claiming to be a family member and requesting unlisted numbers.

Officers said the scammers appear to be targeting elderly residents.

If you believe you have been the target of a scam call LaGrange police at (502) 225-0444.

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