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Hoosiers welcome lighter snow in southern Indiana

Frank Berryman Frank Berryman
Janae Berryman Janae Berryman
Jaila Crawford Jaila Crawford
Jasmine Crawford Jasmine Crawford

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - For once, when it comes to snow, southern Indiana caught a bit of break. North of Louisville, a lighter coating of snow blanketed the ground in Floyd County. The oddity left New Albany resident Frank Berryman so blown away, he decided to clear his neighbors' sidewalks and cars of snow.

"Requires no lifting and no backache," began Berryman, "It does a good job on sidewalks."

Nearby in New Albany, the Crawford sisters spent a portion of Monday morning doing some clearing of their own/

"There's a lot of snow on the car," said Janae Crawford, 8, while dusting snow from the vehicle with a broom.

Together she and her two sisters knocked out the group chore, each eager for the opportunity after getting some exciting news.

"I said, 'Mom, are we going to have school today?,'" recounted 9-year-old Jaila Crawford, "and she said 'No,' and I said 'Yes!'"

When asked how each planned to spend their snow day, the Crawford sisters all had specific ideas in mind.

"Make a snowman," said Jasmine Crawford, 6.

"Make snowballs," said Janae.

"Throw snow at each other," said Jaila. "That's fun!"

While the fluffy snow would render nearly all of the above difficult, the trio remained excited about the light snowfall. Other Hoosiers, however, wished for even less snow next time around.

"I don't think it really matters where you're at or how much," said Berryman. "Snow is snow, and it's not good."

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