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Road crews running out of salt in Kentuckiana

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The snow fell fast Sunday into Monday and some areas across Kentuckiana saw up to six inches. The salt trucks hit the roads once again this season.

For 11 years, Robert Burk has worked hard to clear roads in Floyd County. "We left here this morning about 3:15 and this is the first time I've been back," said Burk around noon on Monday.

That's been a far too familiar routine for all salt truck drivers in Kentuckiana this winter. "I think we haven't had a weekend off for the last four or five weekends," said  Floyd County Highway Department Superintendent Jeff Ramsey.

While 4,800 tons of salt may sound like a lot for the size of Floyd County this year the demand is outweighing supply.

"What we have in the building is what we have for the whole year left," said Ramsey.

That's enough for about two more snowfalls, which prompts Ramsey to have some concern.

"We're calling anybody we can find to get more salt," said Ramsey.

Floyd County isn't alone. Clark County is also running low and other neighboring counties are looking to salt substitutes.

"Five or six snows is our typical on a bad year maybe 10, we've blown that out of the water twice already," said Ramsey.

Back in Louisville Metro, Public Works spokesperson Harold Adams said supply isn't a concern.

Even with 80 trucks on the roads, Adams said you are still going to run into some problem areas.

"We hit all the major routes, but we can't be everywhere at once," said Adams.

While some roads were bone dry, others looked untouched.

"Primary roads always come first, so that's going to be your main thoroughfare, then we try to get into the secondary roads and the subdivisions, but when you are dealing with this much snow, it just takes time," said Burk.

Road departments have come to realize an end in sight may still be far out. "When we are done with one incident, you get the vehicles ready for the next incident."

The sun helped a lot of snow melt away on Monday, but a lot of side streets remained covered. Those streets are where a refreeze is possible overnight causing slick conditions.

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