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Things you may not know about your car and the cold

Mark Hillerich Mark Hillerich

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Your winter maintenance checklist may include the wiper fluid, battery and tires. Tuesday, we made a pit stop at Auto Motion to uncover some things you may not know.

"We had a couple of cars come in here this year that they wouldn't start and it was because the engines were frozen," the shop's owner, Mark Hillerich said. "Luckily they didn't crack anything."

Hillerich also explained it probably won't be covered by your comprehensive insurance because it's an issue that could have been prevented.

"Best thing to do is, do your preventive maintenance ahead of time so you don't ever have to cross that bridge," he said.

The culprit in those cases is the low temps and low antifreeze. A simple check does the trick.  

"I've got three and a fourth one's coming up so this is good probably down to minus 10 minus 20 degrees," Hillerich explained as he checked a car's radiator.

Hillerich recommends if you do decide to get some snow tires, or switch them out with the ones in your garage, check their date.

"You don't want to have a blow out because you've got a dry, rotted tire," he said.

Car experts warn a tires age is just as important as its wear.

He also said to take your foot off the gas if your tires start to spin as it can hurt your transmission.

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