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Snowy footprints lead officers to multiple arrests

Hamid Yocob Hamid Yocob
Bruce Hatchett and Jamie Shaw (Source: LMDC) Bruce Hatchett and Jamie Shaw (Source: LMDC)
Michael Burba (Source: LMDC) Michael Burba (Source: LMDC)
Corey Carutuers (Source: LMDC) Corey Carutuers (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – If there's one thing this weather is good for it's helping lead police right to careless criminals. Police followed snowy footprints to arrests in three crimes committed Monday.

Super Bowl Sunday the snow came in and it came in fast. By early Monday morning Louisville was covered by a fresh blanket. Just after midnight at Swift Cell Phone and More on Preston Highway thieves were breaking into Hamid Yacob's business for the third time in a month. He got the call from his alarm company.

"When I got here the police showed up on the scene about five or ten minutes afterwards, they told me there were foot traces leading to the apartments and they were going to go check it out," said Yacob.  

According to an arrest report officers checked out security video and then followed the snowy footprints to an apartment complex across the street. They led to a front door. 

"The shoes from the camera was the same shoes at the apartment and all the cigarettes were right there and they even found the old phones from the old break-ins," said Yacob.  

Police arrested Bruce Hatchett, 25, and Jamie Shaw, 31. The report states stolen iPads, cigarettes, and cigars were found hidden in the apartment. 

"I'm just really glad they got them honestly," said Yacob.  

It was a similar, but more frightening scenario in Pleasure Ridge Park on Tahia Drive. An 85-year- old woman, who asked that she not be identified, was asleep in her bed when her son heard a loud noise.  

"He said get up Mom, get up," she said. "He said somebody is in the house." 

Her son noticed the carpet was wet and looked outside and saw footprints in the yard. Those led to her neighbor Michael Burba, 23, a young man she has known his whole life.  

An arrest report states Burba told officers he used a credit card to break into the back door, go to the woman's bedroom and steal $60 out of her purse.  

"My purse was under the bed and I was in the bed sleeping," she said.  

During a robbery at Family Dollar on S. 28th Street on Monday, police say the robber was wearing a mask and had a gun when he demanded money. Even though his face was covered, officers followed footprints in the snow to his nearby house where they found the gun and money. Officers arrested Corey Carutuers, 19. 

All of the suspects were booked into Louisville Metro Corrections.

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