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Parents praise early dismissals ahead of ice threat

Many parents say the disruption was worth it, given the snow and ice threat. Many parents say the disruption was worth it, given the snow and ice threat.
Kasey Noel Kasey Noel
Stacy Price Stacy Price
Principal Julie Straight Principal Julie Straight
Ted Breckinridge Ted Breckinridge

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - They received about two hours warning that their children were getting out of school two hours early. But many parents say the disruption was worth it, given the snow and ice threat.

The last thing that Kasey Noel wanted was to get caught in the freezing rain, in the cherry-red Chevy Camaro she got for Christmas. But family came first when Greater Clark County Schools dismissed students two hours early Tuesday.

"My Mom couldn't get off work, so I have to come pick up my sister," she said. "They get out earlier than me."

Stacy Price was among dozens of parents or family members, joining Noel outside Jeffersonville High School. She was waiting for her freshman daughter.

"She was texting me earlier in the day saying the teachers were telling them they'd dismiss early," Price said. "Then the (district's) automatic messaging system let me know for sure."

But two hours' warning still created a bit of drama.

"We had a group of students at Actor's Theatre," Principal Julie Straight said. "Had to call them out of the performance, get the bus there so they could get back here, to get on the buses to go home."

"It worked," she said.

Jefferson County Public Schools also gave parents about two hours' warning that weather threats were prompting administrators to dismiss students two-hours early.

"Do not pick up any snow," security chief Derrick Robinson admonished students leaving Engelhard Elementary Tuesday afternoon.

Order is the watchword in Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood. Parent Ted Breckinridge couldn't have agreed more.

"Better to be safe than sorry," Breckinridge said. "So I'd rather pick em up now than later."

Same at Hite Elementary, where Jennifer Chapman wanted no repeat of January 17, when snow and sleet fell after the buses were on the road.

"I was a nervous wreck," she said. Tuesday, she was ready take her three children home for some made-from-scratch apple pie.

"I had an 11:45 pickup, then a 12:20, and now I'm here at 1:45," Chapman said . "So, I now know the meaning of Mom Taxi."

Back at Jeffersonville High, Kasey Noel discovered she'd be a taxi not only for her sister, but a friend too. All were relieved Tuesday would still count as a full school day.

"I feel like we're gonna have no summer at all," Noel said. "We have so many snow makeup days.

Greater Clark County Schools were set to open on a two-hour delay Wednesday. Barring more snow days, the 2013-14 school year would end June 6.

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