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Trees, downed power lines create traffic headaches for commuters

Derrick Brooms Derrick Brooms
Ebony Murray Ebony Murray
Antonio Kennedy Antonio Kennedy

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Ice and slush created concerns for a messy morning commute throughout Louisville Wednesday, following a wintry mix Tuesday night.

Throughout Metro Louisville, people encountered a variety of challenges after heavy ice blanketed trees, power lines and streets. Heavy ice toppled dozens of trees, causing one to block South Sixth Street near Ormsby Avenue after landing on a car.

"That's just not something you want to wake up to," said Derrick Brooms, a University of Louisville Sociology professor. "It's just kind of a reminder to us all to be mindful of where we park, how we drive navigating the streets."

The Wednesday morning commute put navigation skills to the test, as more than 60 nature-made roadblocks restricted traffic in the form of downed trees.

Ice, however, toppled more than trees. It also waged war on power lines, creating extra stops for drivers at flashing red lights and an extra slushy commute for Ebony Murray and her family.

"It's really gross and icy and slick," said Murray while dropping her children off at Amazing Children daycare on South 6th Street. "

Murray, a nursing student, said because Jefferson County Public Schools canceled classes Wednesday, she and her little ones had no other choice but to walk.

"They normally have transportation," explained Murray, a nursing student. "When JCPS is out," Murray continued, "we have to bring our kids."

Despite the hump day challenges, many people seemed to take things in stride.

"I've got my waterproof boots on," said Antonio Kennedy, "so I'm good."

Some people found ways to enjoy the unavoidable weather, opting to build slushy snowmen and having slush-ball fights. Others elected to marvel at the icy weather's inherent beauty, choosing to accept winter's repeat blows to metro Louisville.

"It's pretty outside," began Brooms, "just the ice on the trees and the snow."

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