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'Aiden's Legacy' collects Legos for child cancer patients at movie premiere

Aiden Johnson Aiden Johnson
Some of Aiden's Lego creations. Some of Aiden's Lego creations.
Gena Johnson Gena Johnson
James Neat James Neat

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – To say Legos are an important part of Aiden Johnson's life would be an understatement. It's hard to say how many creations Aiden has built over the years. But the opening day of The Lego Movie was only one reason Aiden and his mother were at the Carmike Stonybrook theaters in Jeffersontown.

Aiden, 9, uses Legos to help take his mind off the Leukemia treatments he deals with each day. Through a non-profit group, Aiden's family hopes collecting Legos will help other children coping with cancer.

"A lot, so many I can't even count," said Aiden.  

But the tiny blocks have helped him get through some of the darkest days.  

"It's not easy at all," Aiden said.  

Aiden has Leukemia. After being diagnosed at age two, three and half years later he was healthy as can be, but in July 2012 the cancer returned. When asked how he feels when he is in the hospital, Aiden said, "Sad, but with Legos not as sad."  

Gena Johnson, Aiden's mother, saw how Legos were able to distract her son from his reality.

"Well, they take my mind off of it," said Aiden.

"It was good to see this child fighting for his life, to be hooked up to an IV pole, but still smiling and laughing and being challenged and not focusing on what was going on at the moment," said Gena Johnson.

That's why nearly a year ago the Johnson family created Aiden's Legacy.

"Right now what we are doing is we are collecting Legos for Kosair Children's Hospital," said James Neat, Aiden's Legacy volunteer.

Of all the Legos collected and money raised, 100% goes to Kosair Children's Hospital.

"In our community alone over 80 children a year are diagnosed with cancer," said Gena Johnson.

It's a fight Aiden plans to win soon.

"When we are done with this in October, we hope to never have to deal with cancer again," said Johnson.

Aiden's Legacy will be at the Carmike Stonybrook movie theater collecting Legos through closing time on Sunday.

For more information on Aiden's Legacy, click here.

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