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Frustrations rise after JCPS cancels Monday classes

An ice covered hill on Lake Forest Lane. An ice covered hill on Lake Forest Lane.
Carla Dixon Carla Dixon

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Jefferson County Public Schools allowed teachers and staff to sleep in following the announcement of another snow day. Throughout portions of eastern and southern Jefferson County, ice covered roads led district leaders to cancel classes Monday. The decision puzzled some motorists, including Carla Dixon, a Lake Forest resident.

"I don't think we really should have closed schools today," said Dixon. "We've driven out on Shelbyville Road and some of the other main streets and they all look pretty good as well."

Turns out, the main roads were not JCPS' main concern. On Facebook, JCPS staff cited "hazardous conditions in several parts of the district" as reasoning to close schools. In a follow-up email to WAVE 3 News, JCPS staff identified problem areas, highlighting slick conditions in and around several subdivisions including Lake Forest.

Along Lake Forest Lane, an ice covered hill proved to be just one example of a challenging route a school bus would have had to maneuver.

"I could see it's just enough of an incline where it could be difficult," said Dixon.

While some parents appreciated the district's decision to err on the side of caution, others vented their frustrations online.

Several parents of students at Middletown Elementary expressed disappointment that Monday's snow day meant the cancellation of a field trip for the second time.

"This morning, I know that one parent, you know, said 'oh no, the fifth grade had a field trip. I know that my son's going to be disappointed,'" said Patricia Salyer, principal of Middletown Elementary Schooll.

Salyer said parents aren't alone in their frustration.

"The frustrating thing for the teachers and for me," began Salyer, "is just, we want to get the kids in but the weather's out of our control."

While district staff cannot rule the weather, they can decide how to react to it, bearing the safety of students and staff in mind.

JCPS leaders plan to discuss how to deal with snow days going forward at a school board meeting set for Monday, February 10 at 7 p.m. The district's calendar committee is expected to propose adding February 24 and 25 back onto the school calendar as snow make-up days.

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