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Reason behind tornado hot spot remains a meteorological mystery

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DAISY HILL, IN (WAVE) - If you're looking for a place to build your dream home, there's one town in WAVE Country you will want to rule out. Why? The small town of Daisy Hill may be hard to locate on a map, but has a reputation as a tornado hot spot.

"It's just unusual to have that many strong tornadoes in a five mile wide corridor like that," said Joe Sullivan, the warning coordination meteorologist for NWS Louisville.

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Located in Washington County, Indiana, Daisy Hill has become an old town with a lot of new construction.

"Most of the homes there are less than 40 years old because of the fact that they were wiped out in the '74 tornado," said Sullivan.

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Since that F5 tornado in 1974, Daisy Hill has averaged one tornado about every 10 years.

Daisy Hill resident Vicki Jackson said, "It's like tornado alley. It's like it follows the same path every time."

Jackson lost her home to a tornado nearly two years ago on March 2, 2012. Since then she has rebuilt her home and her spirit.

"If I made it thru that last one, I can make it thru anything," she said.

The reason Daisy Hill is such a magnet for tornados is still a meteorological mystery. It could be the lay of the land or local wind patterns, but one thing is for sure, it's not just a stroke of bad luck.

"Seems like it's more than just a coincidence, let's put it that way," said Sullivan. 

Living in a town that's such a target for tornadoes, you'd think residents would be ready to relocate, but that's not the case with resident Sharon Jackson, "This is our home. I don't know of anywhere else we'd want to go."

"I can't never see me leaving here," agreed Vicki Jackson but added, "Daisy Hill is tired of it. We're over it. You can ask anybody up here. We're over it and we don't want anymore tornados!"

Although they're not moving, they do hope to see the winds of change for their town.

Since the F5 tornado in 1974 that nearly wiped Daisy Hill off the map, they've seen other tornados in 1985, 2004 and the EF4 tornado two years ago that also hit Henryville.

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