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Looking to get rich after a slip on the ice? Think again

(Source: Vonna Lynn) (Source: Vonna Lynn)
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo attorneys say they have seen an increase in calls about slip and fall lawsuits. Despite the cold temperatures, snow and ice this winter, attorneys say very few have a case.

"Ohio has a long-standing rule that they're not going to require property owners to clear ice and snow caused by mother nature...that is ice, snow that has just come down, or refrozen ice - precipitation that refreezes overnight. That's not going to present a cause of action against the landowner," said Toledo Attorney Michael Bruno.

Bruno says his law firm, the Charles Boyk Law Offices, has received calls on a daily basis over the past month inquiring about slip and fall suits.

There is one type of ice that could leave the homeowner liable though, Bruno says. Ice that is not caused by Mother Nature could me the person who falls has a case. For example, if a home or business owner leaves a drainage pipe too close to a sidewalk and water spilling out freezes, that could mean a legitimate suit.

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