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WAVE 3 News Editorial - February 13, 2014: Homelessness

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By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Hopefully, winter's fury will subside next week for good and the extra challenges we've all faced because of it will fade as well.

The Coalition for the Homeless activated "Operation White Flag" pretty regularly the past several months, requiring shelters to open their doors and make space for everyone when the temperatures drop below freezing.

The program assisted nearly 3,500 people in the last three months of 2013, compared to just over 700 in the same period the year before.

Two weeks ago in frigid weather, 70 people were found sleeping on the streets in Louisville during the annual count conducted by volunteers canvassing the city. That is slightly up from 2013, but half the number from two years ago.

The Operation White Flag program is working and all involved in making it happen deserve special recognition.

The homeless problem certainly has not gone away. In 2013, nearly 7,000 adults lived in Louisville shelters and Jefferson County Schools report that for every 12 students in their system, one is homeless. 

Shelter resources have been strained this winter season. We can help replenish the shelters by donating supplies and blankets. It would be a big help.        

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