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Valentine's Day deliveries made on snowy roads


Valentine's Day is the biggest day of the year for florists, but with snowy road conditions, Durocher Florist in West Springfield is beefing up its staff to make sure the deliveries make it on time.

Norm Soule helped his brother Peter this Valentine's Day on their busiest holiday of the year. With a total of 12 drivers making deliveries in the area, they prepared for a busy day on the snowy roads.

"On the bigger holidays he has his regular fleet of delivery vans, then he will rent these nice little mini vans to get his arrangements out in a timely fashion," Soule said. 

Drivers are usually sent on routes they are familiar with, and use technology to be more efficient.

"Enter them all in the computer and it plots point A to point B so you're not back tracking and wasting a lot of time," Soule said. 

Roads are better now than they were earlier this week, but Soule is still driving carefully with his precious cargo. All the arrangements are held upright with home made containers.

"Plastic vases with screwed in a big wide wood base, a square wood base so that keeps the center of gravity from tipping over," Soule said. 

Many deliveries were sent out Thursday to guarantee they would make it in time. Soule says it's a long day of work but it's fun to see people's reactions when they receive their flowers.

"It's always good to put a smile on someone's face even when they're not expecting it," Soule said.

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