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Presidents Day no holiday for some southern Indiana students

Marc Slaton Marc Slaton
Rob Hooker Rob Hooker

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Instead of sleeping in on Presidents Day, throughout southern Indiana many students spent the day in class.

Monday marked the first of two built in snow make-up days for Scottsburg students.

"We have missed 14 days in Scott County School District 2," said Marc Slaton, Scott County Schools District 2 Superintendent.

To avoid being financial penalized by the state, missed school days must be made up.

"Every six days you count as an hour counts as a make-up day," said Slaton.

Using an online survey, Slaton asked the community to weigh in on one of three Hoosier make-up day options:

  • an extended school year that would end around June 13
  • an extended school week incorporating Saturday school
  • an extended school day

"The number one choice is to add an hour to the end of each day," said Slaton, who planned to present the findings at the Scott County District 2 school board meeting Tuesday.

As it turns out, the option is a popular one. Twenty miles north, Seymour Community Schools put the practice in place Monday. Students and staff not only attended school on Presidents Day, but dismissed classes an hour later than usual.

"This seemed to be the solution that made the best of a challenging situation," said Rob Hooker, Seymour Community Schools Superintendent.

In the long run, Hooker believed a longer school day will work out better than a longer school year.

"We've had 15 snow days. We've had four days built in. We received two waivers," said Hooker. "So, if my math is correct we have nine days to make up. If we took the financial hit that would be about $1.3 million."

While school leaders expressed concern over the impact extending school days could have on students and staff with obligations immediately after school, both Hooker and Slaton agreed a longer school year would create more challenges.

"High school graduation," began Hooker, "that's the big deal at the end of the year and most people have made plans."

"Days in June," began Slaton, "let's be honest are not really good, quality instructional days."

To keep from making more scheduling changes, Seymour Community Schools will continue extending school days,

Both superintendents agreed extending school days instead of school weeks or the school year would also keep students in classes while it mattered most - ahead of I-STEP testing and the countdown to summer break.

Seymour Community Schools administrators will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday to evaluate how the district's first extended school day went Monday. Scott County District 2 school board members will vote at 5:15 p.m. that same day on whether to begin extending their school days as well.

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