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Energy bills remind of Tri-State's harsh winter


It's getting warmer, but energy bills are a reminder of our harsh winter. 

Customers in the Jasper area may get experience some shock when they see their bills. 

The more you use your gas and electricity to keep yourself warm, the higher your energy bill will be. But this winter was especially cold, much colder than in recent years. As a result, we know customers, especially those living in Jasper, will see very large spikes on their bill.

Jasper Water and Gas Manager Ernie Hinkle and Utilities General Manager Bud Haursperger both say the cold weather has greatly affected Jasper's gas usage. The city's monthly natural gas intake more than doubled between November and January.

Haursperger says the cost for the city to buy natural gas has increased by 55 percent from last winter. All of this means Jasper customers will have much higher energy bills over the next two months.

"This is just kind of a little warning to our customers out there, letting them know that when they open their bills, it could be somewhat of a shocker," says Hinkle.

"We got a lot of calls after the December bills went out. That isn't even going to be close, probably, to what they're going to see this month," Haursperger says.

Vectren says bills will be up for their customers, as well, though not to the severity of those living in Jasper. Vectren says it's very likely everyone in the Tri-State will see a significant spike on their energy bills over the next two months due to the extreme cold we faced this season.

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