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Group gathers to support non-smoking Evansville restaurants

Some diners in Evansville took their business to a downtown restaurant Tuesday night to show support for places that do not allow smoking. 

Those diners poured into Jaya's, a place that does not allow smoking inside. Those people came here to make a statement about how they feel about secondhand smoke in local establishments. 

Soon after the Evansville smoking ban was overturned, some local businesses made the decision to once again allow smoking indoors. That decision sent some customers to other places. 

That's why some who live and work downtown decided to form a "cash mob, which is when a group of people get together to spend money at a particular local business. 

It was also to silently protest other restaurants and bars that are now bringing secondhand smoke inside. 

One woman in attendance says she actually is a smoker, but understands both sides.

"It's a choice that I made appreciating full well that there are consequences to my actions. However, as a smoker, I don't expect others to deal with those repercussions," said Rachael Goldman.

Another group of women specifically went to Jaya's to have a work-related meeting. They tell 14 News that they couldn't go to their regular spot because it's no longer smoke free. 

"I mean breathing that in the whole time we're there. None of us want to have to subject ourselves to that so we just choose to move somewhere else if we have to," said Ann Tornatta.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke did recently publicly encourage businesses to continue a no smoking policy. 

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