Curling is compelling to the WAVE 3 News Sunrise crew

CINCINNATI, OH (WAVE) - The shoes are strange. The ice is bumpy.

"We're spraying water droplets into the air, through an old shower head. Water droplets hit the ice and freeze and there's little marbles or pebbles on the ice," said Cincinnati Curling Club member Jonathan Penney.

The terminology and methodology are confusing.

"Step out into the hack, step onto the slider, get the rock moving, lift hips, rock going first. I can push to that target, as simple as that," said Penney.

And at times it's too much like housework.

"We're reducing the friction on ice by heating up the surface. Rubbing the ice to heat up the surface to make it go farther and straighter," said Penney.

The nearest curling club to Louisville is in Cincinnati.

"I've got to do better than John Boel. That's basically what this whole thing's about," said Christie Dutton.

The Cincinnati Curling Club can't perform miracles, evidenced by Lauren Jones' delivery.

"So you can see how hard she threw it," said Penney. "It's out of play. It's gone through. You just need to lay off the PED's, not so Jose Canseco about it."

"It's better to push it easier than too hard?" asked Dutton.

"Absolutely," said Penney. "Sweeping can take it farther and straighter. It can't slow it down."

But what happens when the push is too soft?

"In golf, that's called not hitting it past the ladies tee," I said, evaluating Dutton's short delivery.

"Is there such thing as lazy sweeping?" I asked.

"There is," said Penney. "I've called some guys out on that. There's heavy breathing but no real force going down."

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