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Does LinkedIn get the job done?

Looking for a new job in a struggling economy is hard work. But you can make it easier on yourself by getting to know the best tools for the task at hand.

"Cultivate and foster those relationships on LinkedIn," said America Now's cyber expert Theresa Payton. "It's one of the best sites out there for looking for work."

The professionally focused site helps job seekers put their best foot forward.

"You can put sort of like a resume about yourself," said Theresa.

From there, you can link to other people that you've worked with in the past, people you may want to know and people that are in your type of work.

Payton says not having an Internet presence can be damaging. But over sharing information can also hurt your chances of landing a job.

And though it's nice to be contacted by a hiring manager, remember being on the site doesn't guarantee you will be employed.

Our cyber expert says sites like are also a good source but you may get a very general and overwhelming amount of responses.

LinkedIn is a bit more focused.

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