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Church repairs on hold after power is shut off

Liberty Bible Baptist Church Liberty Bible Baptist Church
Douglas Parsons Douglas Parsons
Pastor Darrell Ray Pastor Darrell Ray

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Repairs to a church in the Shawnee neighborhood have once again come to stop after the congregation met with a new challenge.

Over the past few weeks progress has been made in the lower levels of Liberty Bible Baptist Church thanks to volunteers and donated supplies.

"We've got our utility room framed up," said Douglas Parsons, a church member. "It's totally different from the last time you might have seen it thanks to UAW."

Renovations had been stalled at the church several times in the past due to a lack of building supplies. By Wednesday, a new challenge rendered chances for any further progress dim.

"Now we're down here with no lights and no way to get started on anything," said Parsons.

"Utilities have been cut off for failure to pay," said Liberty Bible Baptist Church Pastor Darrell Ray.

Ray said focus and funds had largely been paid toward the restoration of the drafty church.

"We got behind and utilities bills have just been real high with this brutal winter," said Ray. "What was an $1,899.02 bill will probably be in the range of $4,000 now."

Worried the circumstances would discourage new members from joining the church, Ray said heating expenses had already taken a toll on his congregation.

"We've got two families in the past week that has also lost their utilities and they've had to move," said Ray.

Although lacking electricity, when it comes to their mission to restore Liberty Bible Baptist Church, neither Ray nor Parsons felt powerless.

"We might end up trying to buy a generator," said Ray.

"We're going to make it work," began Parsons, "some way or another."

With or without power, Ray said he plans to keep the church open to the community.

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