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Evansville police follow up anonymous calls on WeTip

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It was WeTip Wednesday and Evansville police officers were out on the street following up on some of anonymous tips to the hotline. 

Police say no arrests were made, but that doesn't mean the tips weren't beneficial.

During the checks, officers got a lot of information that may lead to a break in a case down the road.

The prosecutor's office says since the program started back in June, they have received more tips on active warrants and suspicious behavior and fewer tips about neighbor disputes.

Sometimes just having officers doing these "knock and talks" puts a stop to the issues.

"For the most part, it's narcotics activity, people selling drugs out of their house or using drugs in their house. We also occasionally get tips on warrants. Maybe somebody has a tip on a felony warrant at this address and we'll go and look into those also," said Sgt. Josh Wittmer with EPD. "Most people are pretty receptive to us being there, they'll let us in and have us look around. As you can see, there's some that don't want us in at all. Those make us kind of suspicious there might be actually something going on and we may have to look a little further into that."

Police tell 14 News that they receive and check 10 to 15 anonymous tips each week.

About 25-percent of callers request a reward and so far the city has paid out about $500.

It's estimated about 10 to 15 arrests have been made as a result of the WeTips, but many of the tips could be a part of lengthy narcotics investigations.

If you want to report and anonymous tip, the number is 1-800-78-CRIME.

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