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Wesselman Woods entrance receiving facelift

The entrance to Wesselman Woods will soon receive a facelift.

Wesselman Nature Society Executive Director John Foster says the entrance will include a new walkway, new signage, new benches, bike racks, and a new bus drop-off area.  

Foster says the current entrance is not very welcoming and can be confusing to first-time visitors.

"What we're really trying to do is create a welcoming, friendly, exciting entrance that doesn't look like you're walking into a minimum security prison. We're getting rid of the barbed wire and the rusty chain link and the big chain. It makes me crazy sometimes that people don't know where we are because there's not a sign, or nothing that really indicates that you have arrived. So, you will most certainly know that you have arrived, when this happens," Foster says.

Construction is set to start next month and the new entranceway to Wesselman Woods should be completed by mid-summer.

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