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New water meters coming up Smart City 2.0 Initiative

Some water meters across the City of Evansville will soon be getting replaced as part of the Smart City 2.0 Initiative. 

It is a program the city has been working on for several years. In fact, it originated under the Weinzapfel administration.
But Wednesday afternoon, crews got it going by replacing the first two meters at the homes off Boeke Avenue.

It's only about a 10 minute process to install those new meters. That means, when a crew comes to your house, water only has to be shut off for about 10 to 15 minutes.
The new meters are automated, so the good news for customers is, if you have a water leak at your house, you'll know almost immediately.

"You'll know as a consumer exactly how much you've used in real time data. As a city, we'll know how many meters are being read accurately. We know now there are a number of our 68,000 meters that are in the system that do not read accurately," said Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

The city plans to replace any meter, in phases, that is over five years old. 

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