Project Warm Energy Saving Tips

The furnace is the one appliance in the home that uses the most energy, so you want to make sure that it's running as efficiently as possible. That means checking your furnace filter once a month. A new furnace filter costs less than $1.

Seal windows using heavy-duty plastic and clear tape. Close door, window and other leaks with weather stripping and caulk.

Install a programmable thermostat, which allows you to automatically lower the temperature when you're away or sleeping, and raise the temperature when you're awake and at home. For every degree you turn down the thermostat, you can save between 3-5 percent on the heating portion of your utility bill.

Seal leaks in the ductwork that delivers heat through a forced-air furnace. Leaky ducts can hinder your furnace's overall efficiency by 20 percent. Sealing ducts can save up to $140 annually on energy bills and consistently heat every room. Seal your ducts with mastic, metal-backed tape, or aerosol sealant.

If your water heater is over 5 years old, buy a water heater wrap for about $12. That'll make it run more efficiently as the heat will not escape into an area that's uninhabited. Also, remember to insulate the first three-feet of hot water pipes coming from the water heater.

Use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use about one-fourth the energy of an incandescent one.

For a more complete approach, call LG&E to schedule an energy audit at 1-800-251-7808. We check just about everything and leave you with recommendations will save you money and $65 worth of weatherization materials.

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