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Record heating bills spark debate about disconnections

Andrew Melnykovych Andrew Melnykovych

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - With temperatures way below normal for most of the winter, you're in for sticker shock on the second straight heating bill. Now the state is asking electric companies to avoid disconnecting customers who can't pay, especially people on fixed incomes or who are already barely able to afford their bills.

The Public Service Commission says not enough customers use budget billing programs. Under budget billing, you average your utility cost over 12 months instead of paying much higher bills in the wintertime.

Andrew Melnykovych, a spokesperson for the PSC, said this may be the worst winter in 20 years for home heating costs.

"What we've seen this winter that we haven't seen in a long time, probably at least 20 years, is just this unrelenting cold," said Melnykovych.

The PSC also suggests you caulk your windows and doors and ask your electric company about programs to make energy upgrades more affordable.

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