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Louisville high school student hopes to turn chairs on 'The Voice'

Allison Bray Allison Bray
Bridgett Abell Bridgett Abell
Todd Howlett and Allison Bray Todd Howlett and Allison Bray

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - NBC's The Voice has kicked off its sixth season and another talented Louisville singer is following in the steps of Pleasure Ridge Park's Olivia Henken. This time, a Manual High School senior has landed a spot in the blind auditions.

Allison Bray is just 17, but the Louisville teen is already an old pro when it comes to music. Just like Henken, she's a blonde, country-rock crooner.

"I started singing on stage when I was about 4 or 5 years old and since then," said a laughing Bray, "they couldn't get me off of it!"

The stage has always been home to Bray and singing is all in the family.

"My sisters try to sing in the shower and stuff and my mom sounds pretty good in the car," Bray smiled.

The teen talent moved from local festivals to the Louisville music scene thanks in part to band promoter Bridget Abell.

"I met Allison when she was 13 and it was kind of funny," said Abell, "I met her at Walmart."

That shopping trip turned into a long friendship with Bray's family. Abell knew Bray's vocals would pair perfectly with the guitar talent of her cousin, Todd Howlett.  An acoustic duo called Bombshell Cowboy was born. Bray and Howlett added musicians and now her slightly older band mates continue to be amazed by her.

"We haven't found anything that she can't sing so far," Howlett said, "we keep challenging her and she keeps meeting that challenge and she impresses the heck out of us."

Bray missed out on The Voice last year. Determined, she went back for the Season 6 open call.

"I made it through that," Bray remembered, "then, I had to go back for a couple more auditions and ended up at the Blind Audition somehow and they really liked me for some reason."

Her mentors know exactly why she made it. Abell told us the vocal major is not only mature in music, after homework and band travel she says Bray makes time to work with special needs children.

"There's nothing regular about Allison," Abell said, "She's extraordinary in everything she does and she's kind hearted, genuine and she's gorgeous on the inside and out."

Bray can't tell us if any of The Voice chairs turned around for her, but she said being on The Voice is a dream and just the beginning.

"Hopefully, it gets me more exposure around Louisville and around Kentucky and I just have to kind of build my way up," said Bray.

As friends are finding out she's going to be on The Voice, Bray said she can't believe all the support she's getting. In a surprise move, Bray picked a song from the 1950s for her blind audition.

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