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IU reports personal data of students, recent graduates possibly disclosed

The personal data of some 146,000 students and recent graduates of Indiana University may have been disclosed.

IU notified the Indiana attorney general's office on Tuesday of the potential exposure.

The data potentially at risk includes names, addresses and Social Security numbers for students across seven IU campuses who attended the university from 2011 to 2014.

IU says no servers or systems were compromised.

Three automated computer data mining applications which are used to improve Web search capabilities accessed the personal information.

The university says as soon as the potential issue was discovered the data was secured, and there is no evidence files have been viewed or used for illegal purposes.

As a precaution, the IU will begin notifying all affected students of the possible data exposure this week.

In addition, the university is taking the following steps:

  • The university will set up a call center to handle questions from anyone whose information was potentially placed at risk as a result of this situation. That center will be operational no later than 8 a.m. EST on Friday, Feb. 28, at 866-254-1484.
  • A website with information on how to monitor one's credit accounts and with answers to other questions regarding the potential data exposure has been established at https://apps.usss.iu.edu/usss-data-exposure/faq.cfm
  • To assist with credit monitoring, IU will supply the Social Security numbers and names of those potentially affected to all three major credit-reporting agencies.

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