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Warrant issued for woman accused of taking off during her trial

Jeannie Marie Hess aka Jeannie Elmore Jeannie Marie Hess aka Jeannie Elmore
Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull

JEFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A warrant has been issued for a woman's arrest after police said she took off during her trial.

Police are searching for Jeannie Marie Hess, 39, who police also said goes by the name Jeannie Elmore.

The last time Hess was seen was inside theClark County Courthouse on Wednesday.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull, said she took off while the jury was deliberating on her case. She wasn't currentlybehind bars because she had posted bond.

Hess was on trial facing charges of burglary andbeing a habitual offender after she allegedly broke into a woman'shome while she was in a nursing home in 2011.

"After she went to the nursing home, herchildren were in the process of sorting through a lifetime of belongings andthose belongings included things that went back 75 years," saidMull. "They belonged to three different generations of this family,antiques and personal items of every sort."

Hess was accused of stealing several itemstotaling more than $5,000. It was after Mull's closing arguments andwhile the jury deliberated Mull said she left.

"When a trial occurs, a defendant isunder court order to be present at that trial," said Mull. "Inthis situation she had left the courthouse to ostensibly smoke a cigarette onthe front steps, but instead of coming back, I believe she saw the writing onthe wall, figured out what was getting ready to happen, and went ahead andleft."

Mull said the trial proceeded and the juryconvicted Hess of burglary and being a habitual offender.

"Obviously it does not help your casewhen you intentionally disobey the court's authority and leave during yourtrial," said Mull. "So I would suspect that when she's picked up, shecan expect to be in prison for a lengthy period of time."

Hessis looking at 20 years as a possible sentence and additional felony charges arepossible for leaving during the trial.

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