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Sheriff investigating after gun slips past Toledo court security

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

TheLucas County Sheriff's Office is investigating how a gun got through a securitycheckpoint at the Toledo Municipal Court recently.

Thoseentering the courthouse must empty their pockets and walk through metaldetectors. Purses and other bags get run through a scanner, too. Nowinvestigators are trying to figure out how a gun got through it all on Feb. 10.

"Theofficer's attention was directed to something else that just had occurred,"said Sheriff John Tharp. "He took his eyes off the X-ray machine for just amoment and the purse went through."

Thesheriff says officers regularly look over their work and X-ray images. He saysit wasn't long after the woman and the man she was with passed through that theofficer realized his mistake.

"Thedeputies then went throughout the building looking for the couple," he said. "Theyfound them in the prosecutor's office."

Tharpsays the couple, Sara Buchholz and Carnell Noble, were cooperative. Theyadmitted to having the gun and were escorted out. The woman did not have a CCWpermit, so she could face charges.

Somepeople at the courthouse were shocked to hear of this incident, but others saythey're not surprised. They think security should be increased.

"Ithink having more people do pat-downs, making sure everybody doesn't haveanything on them, have them check their shoes, everything," said Dominic Hill.

Thesheriff says the officer who made the mistake has been reassigned for the timebeing, and an internal investigation is underway.

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