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Clark County drug court will temporarily continue

Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull
Destiny Hoffman Destiny Hoffman
Circuit Court Judge Jerry Jacobi Circuit Court Judge Jerry Jacobi

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – For now the Clark County drug court is back up and running. This comes one week after the program is suspended by the state of Indiana for misconduct.

On Thursday the participants found out a new judge will be temporarily overseeing the drug court program. After that drug court in Clark County will be no more.

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Eighty men and women remain in the drug court program, but after some serious allegations of wrongdoing by the staff this will be the last group.

"There will be nobody else coming into drug court and when these people graduate or get terminated, drug court will cease, it will be done," Jeremy Mull, Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor.

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The Indiana Supreme Court suspended the program one week ago. It all stems from claims that participants were unlawfully incarcerated and stripped of their due process rights. 

This investigation started to unravel after Destiny Hoffman was ordered to spend 48 hours in jail last August, but wasn't released until five months later. 

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A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Hoffman and seven other participants against the drug court administration including Judge Jerry Jacobi. Soon the program will be temporarily certified with Judge Vicki Carmichael overseeing the program. 

"There will be very strict controls over making sure we know who is drug court, where they are at and anybody who is incarcerated will be promptly brought up and given the appropriate hearing with legal counsel there to represent them," said Mull. 

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While some participants worry about the new 'no nonsense' approach others say they are just glad they will be able to finish the program.

"I think drug court itself, now that it has been reconstructed might be a positive thing for some people," said Tiffany Tyree, drug court participant.

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"All in all the person that I am today compared to the person I was entering the program is just a complete 180 and a whole new way of thinking and just a new life outside of drugs and crime and for that I'm grateful," said Justin Lanham, drug court participant. 

Mull expects the remainder of drug court to last about a year.

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