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Pass the Cash - March 12, 2014: Sisters, donors help family who lost 3 children in fire

Tat'yana Hughes Tat'yana Hughes
Tat'yana's three siblings were killed in the fire. Tat'yana's three siblings were killed in the fire.
Sydni Gordon (center) and her sisters from Delta Sigma Theta Sydni Gordon (center) and her sisters from Delta Sigma Theta
Marie Clark Marie Clark

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – We often hear people say "somebody needs to do something!" If you have ever said that phrase, or heard it - guess what - you are that somebody. It's a lesson we saw in action as we went to Pass the Cash.

Three sorority sisters knew they had to do something to help when they heard a 5-year-old girl lost her three siblings in a fire.

A fire allegedly set by 18-year-old Cody Cashion. A fire that led to the deaths of 2-year-old Trinity, 4-year-old Tyrese, and 6-year-old Tai'zah. Five-year-old Tat'yana was the only one to survive.

Tat'yana suffered burns across her entire body.

Sydni Gordon and her sisters from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority XI chapter heard the news, but did more than shake their heads, they began to shake the change out of their friends pockets.

Gordon explained as she handed me five $20 bills, "We got that money for Ms. Marie and also figured we would come to you to see if we could get more help."

Thanks to two anonymous donors, more help was on the way. I was able to add $1,100 to Delta Sigma Theta's $100 donation.

The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta didn't wait and wonder why more hadn't been done, they jumped in to do what they could. They even contacted FedEx to get approval so we could find and stop Ms. Marie on her FedEx route.

We found her in the parking lot, "We were so touched by your story," Gordon began as she handed Clark the cash, "We have $1,200 and we hope that this helps." 

A long hug and many tears followed.  

Without knowing what else to say I asked Ms. Marie, "how are you?" Then after thinking how anyone would be after such a tragedy I said quickly, "that's a ridiculous question."

"No. No it's not. No it's not." Clark said, "You just go from day to day and you try to figure out how to get from day to day."

Two months after the fire her granddaughter was finally released from the hospital.

 "She wanted to go home. It's hard to try to get her to understand," Clark said, "I think in her own way she thinks she will see her siblings. We explained to her about heaven and everything. She just said to me last night I want them to come back down."

Clark continued, "I'm glad she's home and I'm glad she's better but how do you get a five year old to understand that she can't go home and they are not coming back."

Sometimes you can't go home again. But maybe if we all try Little Tatyana will learn she is always home when she is around those who love her.

"Without the support of the community the way everybody's been helping, it's so helpful. It lets you know that there's still some good people out here. It helps. It helps," said Clark.

The family needs a home, a car to transport Tat'yana back and forth to Riley's Children's Hospital and they need to make sure the three babies headstones are fully paid for.

So here's how you can help the Hughes family and all you have to do is go out to eat or stop by the bank. Thursday night Texas Roadhouse in Clarksville, located on Lewis and Clark Parkway, will donate 10 percent of food sales between 4 and 10 p.m. to the Hughes.

If you can't make it out to eat, but want to help you can donate to any 5/3rd Bank branch.

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