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Woman charged in prostitution ring, man's death

Mugshots of Abigail Lee Frazier (Left photo source: Clark County Jail, right photo source: LMDC) Mugshots of Abigail Lee Frazier (Left photo source: Clark County Jail, right photo source: LMDC)
Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull
Christopher Jones Christopher Jones

CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) - Police say she's the woman behind a prostitution ring, setting up customers with herself or one her girls. While it sounds like we're talking about a Hollywood Madam, she's actually a 20-year old from southern Indiana. Wednesday WAVE 3 News found out she is also charged in a Louisville crime.

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Her name is Abigail Lee Frazier, but police said she goes by multiple names including Nicole and Casey. Her mugshots show she also has had multiple hair colors both blonde and brunette.


Frazier's latest charges of prostitution, promoting prostitution and dealing and possessing controlled substances were filed in Clark County, Indiana. Prosecutors said in late February an informant led Charlestown Police to a drug and prostitution ring in the Gardenside Apartment Complex in Jeffersonville.

Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said, "In this case, they discovered that Ms. Frazier was advertising on Backpage.com, the website where a lot of this activity goes on."

Officers watched across the street as the informant was taped being sold prescription pills from Frazier. According to court documents, Frazier offered an undercover officer "straight sex" for $150 an hour. Police said Frazier also offered to bring other women.

Mull said, "The prostitution acts would occur in either local hotels or in parking lots of businesses."

"At one point, the officer was instructed to meet Frazier at the Days Inn on Arthur Street in Louisville.

According to Mull multiple acts were going on nightly, "She would meet with three to six or seven different individuals per night."

Frazier's bond was set at $100,000 cash. WAVE 3 News discovered there's a reason investigators want to keep Frazier in jail.

She's one of three people charged in connection with a Louisville man's death. Jefferson County prosecutors said in March 2013 Frazier, Brittany Flores and Christopher Keith left Christopher Jones outside Kosair Children's Hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Defense attorneys argue all four were together socially when the gun accidentally went off, killing Jones. Jones' family said they don't believe his death was an accident.

In that case, Frazier is charged with tampering with evidence as investigators said she tried to hide the weapon and the victim's clothes. She allegedly also offered a detective sexual favors to avoid charges.

Fraizer told police her troubles all come from a heroin addiction.

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