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City: 2 public works employees dumped dead dogs


Two longtime members of Kansas City's Public Works Department are accused of dumping dead dogs rather than having properly disposed of the carcasses.

The owners or concerned residents had properly called the city's Action Center to have the dogs disposed of after they had died, such as being run over by a car or had been found dead along a road. The public works employees were supposed to deliver the carcasses to animal control for incineration.

Teens walking near Interstate 35 and Northeast Vivion Road found the dead dogs illegally dumped last week.

One of the dogs had a microchip while another had a rabies tag. By tracing that microchip and tag and checking 311 and other city records, municipal leaders made the connection.

"I can tell that the city manager is very upset about this," city spokesman Chris Hernandez said. "Disciplinary action is expected up to and including termination."

He said the men should have just finished their route.

"These employees did not do their job," he said. "The fact that did not happen is wrong. The city is going to pursue the investigation and see where that takes us."

In addition to facing the loss of the jobs, the two men could be cited for violating a city ordinance on illegal dumping.

"These animals had come from owners who had done the right thing by calling the city's 311 line because they had a dead animal that needed to be disposed of," Hernandez said. "We are thankful these owners did the right thing and followed the right procedures."

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