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Mother accused of fracturing baby's skull has criminal history

Jessica Gunderman Jessica Gunderman
Two-month old child is now home from the hospital. Two-month old child is now home from the hospital.

The Parma mother accused of fracturing the skull of her two-month-old baby daughter remains behind bars.

Jessica Gunderman, 31, has a criminal history and was on probation at the time of the alleged assault. In 2013, Gunderman faced charges for felonious assault, domestic violence and endangering children.

19 Action News is checking to see if Children Services was involved with Gunderman and her children.

Gunderman was arrested on March 13 after allegedly slamming her baby into a bed on W. Sprague Road. When the officers arrived at the house, they found Gunderman holding her daughter, who was crying at the time.

In court she was meek -- answering questions from the judge quietly, and crying. It is far from the Jessica that her sister Stephanie knows, and that her grandmother witnessed in a Parma bedroom before calling 911

"When she walked into the room and she's taking the baby and hitting her into the bed saying FU, FU, I hate you. The baby was making no noise," said the 911 caller.

EMS rushed the baby to Parma Hospital for treatment. The baby was then taken to Rainbow and Babies Children's Hospital for treatment of a skull injury. The baby is now home from the hospital.

Stephanie Gunderman also confirms the fact that Jessica and her mother were out drinking all afternoon before the attack on Izabella Rose and has emailed pictures to prove it. She has other proof of Jessica's violence.

"The incident while shocking doesn't surprise you," asked reporter Paul Orlousky. 

"No. She did it to my son in 2003. Not this bad, no hospitalization," answered Stephanie Gunderman.

Pictures from the incident with the son are hard to look at. The bruising at times almost takes on the shape of a hand or fist.

Gunderman has been charged with felonious assault and endangering children.

Her bond was continued at $200,000.

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