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Family of 3 kids killed in fire say want suspects to always see them

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Kylie Jenks (left) and Shelby Makowski (right) Kylie Jenks (left) and Shelby Makowski (right)
Tat'yana Hughes Tat'yana Hughes
Marie Clark Marie Clark
Cody Cashion Cody Cashion

FLOYD COUNTY, IN (WAVE) – Three of the four suspects accused of firing a flare gun into an Ealy Street home, killing three children and severely injuring another were in court Tuesday morning for a pre-trial conference.

Cody Cashion, Shelby Makowski, Kylie Jenks and a juvenile are charged in the deaths.

Tat'yana Hughes, 5, who survived the fire, and her family came to court for the pre-trial conference and while they didn't see the suspects they said they will come to every hearing because they want the suspects to always see them.

"I want them to see the pain. I want them to see what they did to my family, to my life, to my daughter's life, to my grandbaby's life," Tat'yana's grandmother, Marie Clark, said. "I want them to know. I want them to see."

Wishing the suspects could really see what's covered.

"If it wasn't for people probably telling me I'm cruel I would take her clothes off and let them see," Clark said.

Tat'yana has burns across her entire body. Her sisters Tai'zah and Trinity and her brother Tyrese were killed in the blaze. Clark said Tat'yana remembers that night vividly.

"She remembers it all. She told us that she saw them on fire. She told us that they're in heaven."

Prosecutor Steve Owen said they are prepared to go to trial for Cashion in July and Makowski and Jenks in August.

And while they wait for trial, Tat'yana continues to heal.

"Physically she's great. Her wounds are healing, her spirit is up, the only thing she doesn't like is taking her medications," Clark said.

Clark said they have to stay focused on Tat'yana healing and making sure justice is found for her family.

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