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Amy Mihaljevic: Police continue manhunt for child killer decades after crime

Amy Mihaljevic. Amy Mihaljevic.

The FBI continues to search for a child killer who killed Amy Mihaljevic 25 years ago.

Just last week, authorities announced a $25,000 reward, in an effort to find Amy's killer.

Amy disappeared from the Bay Square Shopping Plaza after school in 1989. Her body was found in a rural Ashland County field about four months later.

Inside the Bay Diner, manager Mike Petrillo says he remembers the case well.  He grew up not far away in Amherst.

"It was all over the news since it was pretty much almost in your backyard.  It was a horrible situation," said Petrillo. 

Many here in this quiet town remember the case, a case that has never been solved. But police and the FBI have never stopped investigating. They're hoping a new wave of attention will lead to a clue that breaks the case.

"I can't say that there's one person that we've pinpointed, that we're doing anything necessarily with. There's a lot of people we're looking at.  There's a lot of avenues we're pursuing," said Bay Village Police Chief Mark Spaetzel. 

Mike Petrillo says he thinks about Amy's family and wishes they'll finally get some peace.

"So hopefully something good can still come out of this one way or the other," Petrillo said. 

The FBI is asking anyone with information to call this number 1-800-Call-FBI. That's 1-800-225-5324.  That's the best number to call. Not Bay Village Police or local FBI. 

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