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Man holds sign asking for kidney

NEWBERG, OR (KGW) - You see it all the time, people standing on street corners, holding up signs.

Some are advertisements while others ask drivers for money. Kevin Gray of Newberg, Oregon is a husband and father of three. He isn't out on busy Highway 99 trying to make a living he's trying to stay alive.

You see Gray found out in May that he is in stage 5 kidney failure.

He'd hoped to receive a kidney from his wife Dawn-Marie, but those hopes faded a few days ago when they learned that her kidneys were attached and couldn't be separated.

That's when he came up with the idea to take his sign and plea public.

"it just kinda hit me that I needed to step and get out there and spread the message," Gray said.

"You gotta believe. Cause if you don't believe, than you don't got nothing."

When Kevin's not out raising awareness, he is undergoing dialysis.

He admits he's not sure if his sign will lead to a donor for himself but he says if just one person decides to give someone else a kidney, the effort was worth it.

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