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Booming sounds travel from tank training

FORT KNOX, KY (WAVE) - The Few and theProud have been quite loud lately.

If you heard booms recently, the soundswere likely coming from the tank range at Fort Knox where 100 Marine Reservistsare receiving their annual training on the M-1 Abrams battle tank, firing from 10a.m. until midnight.

The range is located in the farnortheast corner of Fort Knox, near Shepherdsville.

Units train every day except Christmasand New Year's, but the Army said the season is one of the reasons we'rehearing more now.

Range Operations OfficerStuart Holder said, "There's no leaves on the trees. Leaves tend to absorb thesound going off. So during the wintertime you get more noise that propagatesfurther away."

Heavy clouds can also makethe booms seem louder by carrying the sound waves farther than they would on aclear day.

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