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Historic pylons removed from Clark Memorial Bridge, for now

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Scott Carr Scott Carr
Max Rowland Max Rowland

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – The pylons bordering the Clark Memorial Bridge were built in 1929 and while crews are dismantling them so they can continue with construction, they're using extra precautions to preserve the history of every piece.

"You relive the joints around them so it doesn't chip the stone then you bring the crane in, hook it up, put tension on it and just slowly keep putting pressure on it until it slowly breaks the stone loose and take it away," Scott Carr with Broady-Campbell Inc. said.

Broady-Campbell Incorporated has been brought in to help Walsh Construction with the pylons because of their experience in removing historical structures. They had to make tools that matched the ones used when the pylons were built in 1929.

The pylons had to be moved for construction.

"That will make enough room for these new ramps to be constructed," Max Rowland with Walsh Construction said. "Right now are right in the middle of where the new ramps are going."

The pylons will be moved 100 feet further North (further in to Indiana) and about 50 feet more outward, away from the road.

Preserving the history of the bridge doesn't stop with the pylons, the limestone facing of the retaining walls are also being removed and stored until the widening is complete.

Crews expect it will take about 2 weeks to rebuild the pylon and then they will work on the next one.

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