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Expansion funds for Rupp, KICC cut from KY Senate budget

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - The Kentucky Senate budget cuts all state funding for Rupp Arena and Kentucky International Convention Center expansions as part of a huge reduction in debt spending. 

It does not include budget cuts for state universities, including University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. The Kentucky House and Governor Steve Beshear had included 2.5% cut. 

The Senate budget also strips all state money for Affordable Care Act. It's unclear what the impact would be because most of ACA is federally funded. 

The Senate did not alter the proposed raises for state workers. Both the House and Senate's versions would fully fund the pension program for state employees and increase funding for K-12 schools. Instead of an automatic 2 percent pay raise for teachers, individual districts would decide whether to give their teachers a raise under the Senate's budget. 

The budget also does not include a tax on instant racing games. 

All of these and other differences will have to be worked out between the House and Senate over the next week.

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