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Police investigate possible link between TARC bus attacks and roving teen mob

The TARC bus Me'Quale Offutt was riding when he was stabbed. The TARC bus Me'Quale Offutt was riding when he was stabbed.
Chief Steve Conrad Chief Steve Conrad
Me'Quale Offutt (Source: Family photo) Me'Quale Offutt (Source: Family photo)
Christopher 2X Christopher 2X

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's a puzzle police want to solve. Was there a connection between a stabbing on a TARC bus that led to a teen dying, recent TARC attacks, and the roving teen violence over the weekend? The mob mayhem has lead to a chain reaction from city leaders. We also discovered that there have been additional attacks on TARC buses recently.

Community leaders and city officials spent Tuesday morning answering questions and are doing what they can to make sure that what happened over the weekend doesn't happen again.

"People were coming to the park to remember their friend, somewhere things went bad," said LMPD Chief Steve Conrad. ​

Police are investigating two attacks on or near the Big Four Bridge walkway. We obtained surveillance video of teens at the gas station on First and Jefferson where a woman was attacked. The teens crime spree of assaults continued. What sparked it all may have been the attack on a TARC bus on Sunday, March 16. Police say Me'Quale Offutt, 14, and a 13-year-old girl were stabbed by Anthony Allen, 44, after a fight broke out on the bus at 28th and Broadway. The teenage girl survived, Me'Quale did not. He died on Tuesday, March 18.

That same day, police say a group of teens tried to storm a TARC bus 34th and Broadway. A few hours later, police say teens attacked another bus at 38th and Broadway, throwing rocks at it.

On March 22, the roving mob left a path of destruction. That same night, four men were arrested accused of robbing a woman at TARC stop at Amy and Market Streets.

"There was actually one group that came there for the grief, but there was two groups that actually came there for trouble," said MeShorn Daniels, the organizer of  Man up.

On Sunday, March 23, police said several juveniles got on a TARC bus at 26th and Broadway and stabbed a minor. His injuries were not life threatening.  

The recent string of violence was a topic on WAVE 3 Listens Live as everyone wants to know how to make it stop.  

"This all manifests out of not controlling anger and rage issues," said Christopher 2X, a community activist. "That's the number one problems where the number one source of these problems is." 

2X said a memorial for Me'Quale on March 22 was incident free and that his family had nothing to do with the violent attacks on Saturday.

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