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Wyatt Earp collection brings in $445K at Scottsdale auction

(Source: CBS 5 News) (Source: CBS 5 News)
(Source: CBS 5 News) (Source: CBS 5 News)

A gun that Wyatt Earp is believed to have carried during the notorious O.K. Corral shootout in Tombstone was auctioned for thousands of dollars and the winning bidder wasn't even in Scottsdale to claim his prize.

A New Mexico man bid $225,000 for the Colt .45-caliber revolver Thursday night during an auction at J. Levine Auction and Appraisal in Scottsdale.

Overall, all the items up for auction brought in $445,000.

Josh Levine, the owner of J. Levine Auction and Appraisal in Scottsdale, was tasked with auctioning off what might be the most extensive Wyatt Earp collection in the world that included 32 boxes of research documents, photos and memorabilia.

"These documents have more information than anyone's really seen. We have Wyatt Earp's shotgun. We have Wyatt Earp's O.K. Corral gun. We have voice recordings of people who knew Wyatt Earp," said Levine.

The collection was a part of the Glenn Boyer estate, a controversial Arizona author who published three books. Over the years Earp historians have questioned the authenticity of some of Boyer's work.

It's said he spent four decades researching and collecting items related to the Wild West icon and his family.

The revolver that is the showpiece of the collection was believed to be carried by Earp during the O.K. Corral shootout. The serial number on the gun was destroyed.

"The accusations bothered Boyer so much that in one of his tantrums his family says he is the one who filed off the serial numbers," said Levin.

"All of the guns will be sold individually but we are keeping the archive together as one lot," said Levine.

Levine says bidding started at $50,000 for what they are calling the O.K. Corral gun. Another one of Earp's guns sold for $750,000 in 2000.

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