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Pass the Cash - May 26, 2014: Woman raising her grandchildren gets help from life-long friend

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - An email from a young mother about her life-long friend took us to Clarksville, Indiana to Pass the Cash.

When we arrived we met Jessica Donaho who was waiting to tell us all about Ms. Anna.

"She's retired and that's the time you're supposed to be able to relax you know. You've worked your whole life and she's retired and now she has to take along two kids. They're her Grandkids you know.  She's old. She's like 74," she explained.

In other words, Anna had raised her children, but now she was raising her daughters two daughters and she's doing it on a fixed income.

"She just really wants to make sure they're always happy and take care of them," Donaho said.

Grandmothers are a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend, and this grandmother needs just a little bit of help to be all of that and more.

Anonymous donors and the Valley Women's Club pitched in and added to the $300 we usually give, now we had a total of $1,241 to pass.

Anna was surprised when she saw us on her door step but she had seen us Pass the Cash before.

Donaho said, "I know you have a hard time with the kids and everything and you really deserve it."

With lots of butterflies in her stomach she passed her the dollar bills. An act that ended in hugs and certainty for Anna about what she does.

Anna said, "God wants me to do it. I mean I don't know where else they would be if it wasn't for me."

But it's a little hard to believe after raising her own children this is where she has ended up, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Things are higher. I don't know everything is different, so much different," Anna said.

They may lack a lot of money but there's certainly no lack of blessings or love.

"We make it by the Grace of God. We make it," she said.

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