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April 5, 2014

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Tanya White

Tanya White is an author, educator, resource teacher at Shacklette Elementary, and life coach that resides in Louisville. She has written five books, the latest of which is titled, "You Can't Quit Now!"  It's a message of perseverance and empowerment. In this book, Tanya masterfully guides you through a personal and spiritual 42-day journey of perseverance. This book offers the healing, thought-provoking insight and the motivation you have been craving so that you will finally finish any goal that you start pursuing.  Tanya enjoys helping people overcome obstacles by applying "yes I can" actions to "no I can't" attitudes. Tanya's books are available at amazon.com and tanyawhite.com.

May 17th Writer's Workshop

Joshua Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

426 S. 15th Street

Louisville, KY  40203

12 Noon to 4 pm. $25



Tanya White will be holding a seminar starting Mondays, May 5th thru June 9th. This seminar is available to serious minded people who are truly ready to finish writing their book in 52 days or less. It requires that you:

Be open to the expert knowledge and relevant industry trends that Tanya White will be presenting

Be committed to attending every group session and individual coaching/planning session on time

Be able to complete and submit homework and writing assignments by the due date

Be willing to share in group sessions and encourage classmates

Click link to be taken to secure Paypal store to purchase your spot NOW! http://tanyawhite.com/Dot_StorePayPal.asp


Speed Art Museum

Art Detectives Program

Artwork, cultural artifacts, conservator tools and mysteries into school classrooms

2035 South Third Street




The Speed Art Museum is taking local students and children of all ages on an art adventure.  The Speed's learning and enhancement team has been busy developing a stimulating classroom experience that will have a lasting impact on students' learning and observation skills particularly as it relates to visual arts standards.

Tailored to students at the elementary, middle and high school levels, Art Detectives brings artwork, cultural artifacts, conservator tools and mysteries into school classrooms around the region. It is an engaging experience that gives students the opportunity to act as fine arts professionals as they study and handle actual objects, then analyze their findings through interactions and writing exercises led by Art Detectives facilitators.

Through the generosity of an art fund grant from Louisville Metro Government, Art Detectives will be offered at no cost, while funding lasts, with preference to Title One schools in JCPS. This program is open to all schools and non-profits in Jefferson County and surrounding areas for a nominal fee.

Know a teacher who would be interested in bringing Art Detectives to their classroom?

Additional information can be found at www.speedmuseum.org/artdetectives


"They Say I'm Still Not a Man"

"In 2008, President Barack Obama gave a speech in Chicago, Illinois declaring that black men in America have abandoned the responsibility of fatherhood. At that moment I became inspired to write in response to the speech on the behalf of black fathers in this country. The more I researched and wrote I came to the conclusion that this is an American problem not an African-American issue. The details in this book are written in the form of an autobiography and memoir of my life. But in particular chapters I take the opportunity to offer a contributed solution to the baby daddy and baby mamma drama, discrimination, and homosexual relationships. I feel that if Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman had an applicable understanding of the contributed solution which is in the form of an equation in this book. The event at the night of the Trayvon murder would have not taken place and both individuals could have walked away in peace. In addition to the documentation and story in this book I have also included my three rap albums in which I have recorded throughout my life over the course of 10 years. Each album represents different stages of my life. The most current album is "The Resurrection" which is not completed as of August 2013 but will be available for download soon. I want to capture the emotion of my experiences as I am inspired and be able to share the recordings with my fans as soon as I am done. However, this brings a new excitement to the rap industry because I have a book that enables readers to download rap music at any given time. So all in reality my fans and supporters can take this journey of recording with me. So I offer my story, wisdom, and music." Jeremiah Wrong


Jeremiah's Book is available at:





Carmichael's Bookstore

1295 Bardstown Road

2720 Frankfort Ave.


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