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Patching potholes a priority in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Now that the weather looks like it's made a permanent turn away from the sub-freezing, crews are busy all over Kentuckiana patching the damage left behind.   Potholes have become a part of our daily commute, thanks to the repeated freezing and thawing, plus all the salt and snow plows.

Both the state and the city want your help. If you have a pothole in the roads you drive, give them a call and report it. It will not only help out by making the roads smoother for all of us, but if your car is damaged, that call could become crucial.

In some ways, it's as much a part of the soundtrack of spring as the singing birds. If road crews don't make it to your neighborhood before you slam into the ruts that remain of winter, you'll want to make sure you've at least reported it.

A spokesman for Metro Public works tells me that crews try to respond and patch potholes within two business days of learning about them.

If you run over one that hasn't been reported, as we've seen in the past, it's a reason to deny any claim you might try to make to get the city to pay for damages. "Municipalities must have prior actual notice and a reasonable opportunity to rectify defects," a denial letter read.

In 2013 the Commonwealth of Kentucky did pay for some of the damage in at least 54 percent of the claims that have been resolved, totaling more than $19,000 in fixes to pothole damaged vehicles. So far this year, that number has dropped to about 29 percent of the resolved claims that have been paid.

If you live in Louisville, you can call MetroCall at 311 to report a pothole. On an interstate, call the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet at 1-877-FOR-KYTC or 877-367-5982.

If you need to file a claim for a pothole that caused damage on a city street, MetroCall is the way to go again.  If it happened on a state road, you would need to go through the State Board of Claims at

The BOC says the claims process is as follows:

"If someone damages a vehicle due to hitting a pothole he or she should take pictures of the area if possible, write down exactly what happened and where, and be able to explain why it is a case of negligence.  A claim form can be obtained by either going to the Board of Claims website, <>, where additional information can also be accessed, or by calling the BoC office, 502-573-7986, or 800_469-2120.   If damage is due to a snowplow, grader, or salt trucks, call 502-564-6055 and immediately state that damage has been done by one of the aforementioned items.  The claimant will have to provide a SS# and insurance information. If the claimant has insurance, state law allows only for payment of the deductible. If damage is repaired, an itemized bill must be provided; otherwise, two estimates must be submitted with the claim."  

You may remember that when state snow removal crews had to spend so much money thanks to our extra snowy winter, officials said some of that money would come out of fixing roads later in the year. A Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokeswoman said that is true for patching of large section of roadways but pothole patching will go forward as always.

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