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City refines online maps to display crime in parks

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From Mayor's Press Office

LOUISVILLE, KY - Louisville Metro Government has refined the city'sonline maps to more accurately display crimes that occur in local parks.

This improvement resulted from questions thatarose from the recent crime by teenagers and young adults that started inWaterfront Park and moved into parts of downtown.

Before the change, crimes in parks were beingreported by GPS coordinate, but the city's crime map only accepted physicaladdress. As a result, crimes in parks were automatically displaying in aparking lot at 5th and Liberty streets, the geographic coordinatefor "the City of Louisville."

The situation has been corrected and the maps nowdisplay significant crimes that happen in parks, from Waterfront to Shawnee toCherokee to Jefferson Memorial Forest.

The city's maps show Part I FBI crimes — the mostserious charges that includes homicides, auto theft, assaults, vandalism androbbery. The city's technology team is now using physical addresses for theparks so that the crimes are more accurately displayed. Because of the vastareas covered by parks, crimes will show as a single pin. People should clickon the pin to see all crimes in that area of the park.

To view the maps, and to search for crimes byneighborhoods or address, visit 

The crime maps are part of the Fischeradministration's commitment to open data and transparency -- and part of abroader effort to put more information and services online. In the past threeyears, the city has increased crime information available to citizens bycreating crime text and email alerts by police beat. To sign up, visit

Since the crime map was introduced in 2007, it hasonly displayed FBI Part 1 crimes. LMPD and Metro Technology are in discussionsabout expanding the information on the maps to include all crimes.