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Friends describe Highlands homicide victim as social, caring

Dennis Scoles Dennis Scoles
Michael Foster Michael Foster
Nida Ahmed Nida Ahmed
LMPD spokesperson Alicia Smiley LMPD spokesperson Alicia Smiley

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Friends call him a fixture of Highlands nightlife. A man who hosted dinner parties, broadened social circles and dispensed fashion advice. So why was he shot to death on his front porch and why wasn't his body found for hours?

Michael Foster saw his friend Dennis Scoles, 33, as the roommate who lived for others. 

"He constantly was concerned about the people in his life," Foster said. "Making sure they were okay and happy."

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Scoles was the friend Nida Ahmed called her best.

"He brought people together," she said. "He gave us all life. He took us under his wing."

"Foster, Ahmed and Scoles were among a group of friends tasting the Highlands nightlife Wednesday. Foster and Ahmed said they last heard from Scoles via text about 1:30 Thursday morning.

"He and a friend were getting groceries at the Highlands Kroger," Foster said. "He got dropped off. So, literally it was like a window of, I don't know, only a few minutes."

Fast forward to 9:30 a.m., at the home Foster and Scoles shared at 703 Rubel Avenue.

"Mike opened the door and his body is just there," Ahmed said. "Rigor mortis has already set in! He's dead."

"And his groceries were all strewn," Foster said. "The keys were still in the door here."

"This is a place for families," Ahmed said. "This is a place where people trust each other. Know each other. Love each other!"

"So, I have to imagine that he was coming home and he got shot from behind," Foster said.

"My best friend got shot in the head and nobody did anything," Ahmed vented.

In the hours following, homicide detectives would ask what neighbors might have seen or heard.

"At this time, we do not have any suspects," said Louisville Metro Police Department spokesperson Alicia Smiley.

Rubel Avenue is a gateway, not only for Broadway, but especially for those who frequent Phoenix Hill Tavern. Scoles' friends and neighbors see a different crowd Wednesday nights, a crowd that brings conflicts.

"Even still - someone comes up and he wants to hold up my friend, Dennis would have been the first one to just give it away," Foster said.

If police have developed a motive, they haven't made it public.

"I just think people didn't want to get involved because they just didn't want anything bad to happen to them," Ahmed said.

"Most of my friends don't think I should sleep here tonight," Foster said. "I think I will."

The Dennis Scoles they knew worked two jobs to help support his mother. He hosted dinner parties, dispensed advice on food and fashion. He wouldn't give in to fear.

"It was just a selfish situation, for the most selfless person," Ahmed said. "And that is why it doesn't match up."

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