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Greater Clark County Schools begin extended school day

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Shelly Blake Shelly Blake
Michelle Dyer Michelle Dyer

CHARLESTOWN, IN (WAVE) - The first day back to school after spring break may have felt especially long for students at Pleasant Ridge Elementary Monday. For students and staff, Monday marked the first of nearly 20 extended school days.

For students in Ms. Shelly Blake's first grade class, it meant language arts lessons are getting longer.

"I'm so excited because we have more time to spend together," began Blake, "and we've got a lot to do."

After 12 snow days and an increased need for more I-Step testing prep time, Greater Clark County Schools are extending their school days with specific studies in mind.

"We're going to have more time to spend with our reading and our writing and our math," said Blake.

"25 minute addition to language arts and 20 minute addition to math," added Michelle Dyer, principal at Pleasant Ridge Elementary, who believed the extended school day came at the right time.

"We just had our first round with the applied skills for I-Step plus and at the end of this time we'll start our second round which is the multiple choice section," said Dyer. "So, the time is awesome at this time."

To accommodate the 45 minute extension, eating schedules had to change. Lunch hours have been shifted, while newly incorporated snacks are being funded by the district.

"I had to move them. I couldn't have them eat that early and stay until 4:20 p.m.," said Dyer. "With them being here all day, they need that extra snack in the afternoon."

While keeping students engaged may pose a challenge at first, instructors like Blake said it would all be worth it in the end since the school year would now conclude June 6, provided no more days of school are missed.

"They're going to be tired," said Blake. "We're all tired by the end of the day because we give it our all while we're here."

Extended school days will run through May 9 for Greater Clark County Schools.

Across the Ohio River in Bullitt County, students and staff began following a similar plan Monday with classes beginning nine minutes earlier in an attempt to make-up lost instruction time.

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