Fire Safety at NCAA celebrations

From Lexington Fire Department

LEXINGTON, KY - With the NCAA games approaching, the Lexington Fire Department would like to remind everyone to be safe during the post game celebration. Setting fires in the middle of a crowd is not only illegal but dangerous. In 2012 and again this past weekend, fire crews saw several people who had received accidental burns during the celebrations. Luckily most of these were minor, but some were not.

A majority of those injured were not the people who set the fires, although this does happen. Most of the injuries occurred as people gathered around the burning debris. As the crowd moves inward,those in front are often pushed too near the fire. On several occasions, those in front were inadvertently pushed into the flames.

Burns are painful and the results can be permanent. Follow these tips to ensure your celebration is injury free:

  1. If you choose to join the celebration, make sure at least one other friend is with you at all times. This can be helpful if one of you gets hurt.
  2. Never set anything on fire in a crowded situation. It is a crime and is extremely dangerous for you and others.
  3. If you see someone setting a fire, leave the general location quickly. The crowd will surge closer to see the "show" and you could be injured.
  4. In crowded situations, there is no such thing as a "peaceful celebration fire." Although you might be exercising caution, if those around you aren't, you are in danger.
  5. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Even a serious burn can sometimes be painless at first, and even the most minor burn needs prompt attention. Find a Firefighter or Police Officer and ask for help. They will make sure you get the medical attention you need.

Please help keep this year's celebration injury free as we all support our Cats.