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Today's Most: 'Sleepwalking' 10-year old girl crashes parents car

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -


TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable traffic accident: A 10-year old girl took her parents keys, took off in their car and crashed into multiple parked cars early Monday morning. Her parents say she was sleepwalking when she did it. 

The child's stepfather says she has development disabilities and is known to sleepwalk, but she's never done anything remotely like this. He said "All I got to say is make sure you keep your keys way up, or hide them under your mattress, so your kids can't get them."

The girl drove the car about two blocks, hit a semi, and then crashed into three other cars. Nobody was injured. When Toledo police arrived on the scene they say she was scared and crying. Her mom came to pick her up.

Police charged the girl with driving without a license and a few other charges. The department says that's routine so that the owners of the damaged cars don't have a trouble collecting from their insurance companies. Police think the charges ultimately could be dropped.

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